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Zillah Lakes Cottages

705 Kachess Lane Zillah WA 98953 United States
Voice: 800-925-7084
Toll Free: 818-817-6353
Fax: 888-628-0839
Web: ZillahLakeCottages.com
Hours: 9AM-6PM Everyday

We are a thriving new community located in the Yakima Valley and in very heart of of Washington’s Wine Country!

Some have compared the area just south of Yakima to the Napa/Sonoma area in the 1970's. Like Napa, there are a multitude of great wineries, and nearby major metropolitan areas (Seattle, Portland, Spokane) are less than three hours away.

Zillah wine country is uniquely Washington: For one thing, it’s the real thing. Thousands of acres of the best wine grapes in the USA cover the slopes of the nearby hills. Set amidst those vineyards,

A stone’s throw from Zillah Lakes are over 30 of the best wineries in the world. Many of the rest of the state’s best vineyards and wineries (over 200 of them!) are within a short drive. On a practical level, you could sample one or two wineries every single weekend and still not see them all in 5 years! It’s why we say “Wine Country at Your Doorstep

The Zillah Lakes lifestyle puts you right in the moment: the unhurried pace, the farms, the orchards, the wines, the close-to-the earth feel. And for all that, Zillah Lakes is a sophisticated community with all the modern connections you expect and need and easy access to cultural amenities.

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